EBB-FLO benches are all custom made to fit your specific order. All the parts are pre cut and pre drilled, ready to assemble. All necessary glue and fasteners are furnished. The only tools necessary are a few common sizes of open end wrenches(or socket and ratchet), and a standard pop rivet tool. Also, typical tools for setting the legs in concrete: level, builders string,shovels, wheel barrows, etc.

When you receive your EBB-FLO benches, you will receive a complete set of assembly instructions. PLEASE READ THE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS THROUGH COMPLETELY BEFORE STARTING ANY ASSEMBLY!!! This will give you a good overview of the whole assembly project, as well as help you to plan other items that might have to be integrated into the project at the appropiate time, such as locating underground plumbing lines, or control cables for solenoids, or installing concrete walkways, etc.

There are three types of legs that are furnished with EBB-FLO
benches, depending on your application. The most common, and most economical type are the legs set in concrete. Shown at the right are the legs for a new EBB-FLO installation that have been set in concrete. These legs (with leveling headers) are ready to have the rolling pipes, and the rest of the bench frame work assembled on top.




The next photo shows the same area after much of the bench top
frame work has been assembled, and the concrete walkways have been poured between the legs.





The next most common leg type is the freestanding leg with stringers. As shown in the photo at the left, these legs sit on the floor, and are connected and supported by stringers attached to the legs with square to square clamps. These cost a little more than the standard legs, but are useful where ther is already a concrete floor (especially one with heat pipes imbedded in the floor as shown here), or where smaller benches are used, and it is desired to have them be portable. This picture shows the EBB-FLO benches in the new retail greenhouse of Shady Hill Gardens, Elburn, IL.

After the legs are assembled (and the concrete set up), The "rolling pipes" are set on top of the leveling headers, the bench frames are assembled, and the plastic trays are aligned and glued together. Then the benches are ready to have the plumbing hooked up, and to be flooded and leveled. Then they're ready for the plants! Shown below are several more shots of the Clesen installation. Note that they installed hot water heating tubes directly below the plastic.

If you have any specific questions about our EBB-FLO benches and their installation please feel free to contact us.

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