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Midwest GROmaster is the little company with big know how and experience in the fields of sub-irrigation, recirculation and fertilizer injection systems. In fact, this is our main business, not just a side line. We have been installing FLOOD benches throughout North America since 1986. We back every installation with our many years experience from several hundred installations.

Flood Benches. Retrofit Flood Benches 

 Our Latest installation of Ebb and Flood Benches.

Misc. Items. Hand Held Meters

 Ebb Flow benching. also called FLOOD BENCHES

EC and Ph. Injectors and Controllers.

 Medical Cannabis / Marijuana Controller.

Garden Center Display Benches

 Sub Irrigation in the Garden Center

New Wood look Display Benches.

  Price list

 Our new display benches.

 Installation instructions for small benches.

 New Fast working fill/drain valve.

 Spare parts.

 New Overhead Flood Bench system.

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48W 801 Il Rt. 64 Maple Park ,IL. 60151

 P.O. BOX 1006 ST. CHARLES, IL 60174

PHONE: (847)888-3558 FAX: (630) 443-5035


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